Your premier mobile game publisher for China.

With a full staff in U.S. and China focused on marketing, localization, and game publishing, Spellgun is the most complete solution for bringing mobile games to China.

What We Do

Spellgun is a mobile game publisher specializing in culturalizing games for the Chinese market. The company is a joint venture between Concept Art House, the industry’s leading video game art services provider, and Talkweb, the publisher of Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies 2 in China.


U.S. Based Developer Relations Team

Spellgun’s headquarters is located in the heart of San Francisco. Our Developer Relations team ensures timely communication.

U.S. Code & IP Protection

As a California corporation, Spellgun protects our developers from IP and code piracy in China.


Market Insight

Spellgun's veteran team has vast experience in the gaming industry in both US and China.


Focused & Transparent

Spellgun believes in quality over quantity and the importance of a transparent and trustworthy partnership. We treat your game like it's our own.

World Class Localization Team

Spellgun provides the most thorough localization and culturalization efforts with in-house artists, game developers, and product experts to make your game look natively Chinese.

Full Distribution Coverage

Spellgun can deliver your games to millions of users with the largest network of premium distribution partners.

By The Numbers

5 Million+

Daily Active Users

20 Million+

Monthly Active Users

600 Million+

Accumulated Downloads


We researched and compared over 15 different publishers in China, and chose Talkweb. They were FANTASTIC in helping us relaunch ANGRY BIRDS in China.
— Miikka Lindgren, Director, Business Development at Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

We partner with key mobile carriers, major app stores, game publishers and distributors, TV media and mobile hardware manufacturers across China.

Our Developers & Media Partners

Our Publishing Channels



SYBO Launches Blades of Brim, Partnered with Spellgun to Release in Chinese MObile Market

SYBO, the creators of Subway Surfers, launched Blades of Brim worldwide. As a part of this global launch, SYBO partnered with mobile game publisher Spellgun, to localize and release Blades of Brim in all 29 Chinese provinces. 

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Spellgun Launches Crazy Maiji in China

Spellgun, a mobile-game publisher that takes Western games to Asia, launched Crazy Maiji 2. Crazy Maiji 2 is the product of a partnership with Get Set Games to bring their  Storm Casters dungeon-crawler game to China.

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The Allure of Action RPGs in the Chinese Mobile Market

With recent hardware and software upgrades in mobile devices, other genres such as racing and battle arena games have been gaining momentum, but nothing has seen the same growth as ARPGs.

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Spellgun works with the best game developers in the world. If you’re one of them, and have F2P games, start the conversation with us today. Contact us at developer@spellgun.com or using the following contact form.

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