The Complete solution

Spellgun partners with mobile game developers and studios worldwide to localize and culturalize games between China and the US.

Our services



Our experienced game designers can customize your game content to maximize the potential of success in your target market.


Our experiences working with top grossing games give us insight which can significantly increase your game's Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and Conversion Rate.


Our teams in Shanghai and San Francisco can properly translate and word your in-game text and messaging to exactly how gamers prefer.


Our deep understanding of Chinese and Western player behavior enables us to develop a custom UX/UI design for each game.



Drawing on Concept Art House's 7 years experience creating top-quality game art -- Spellgun specializes in 2D, 3D, animation, vector and marketing art.


By working with world-class audio directors, composers and producers, we can perfect the music, sound design, and voiceovers of your game to fully immerse players.

IP Creation

Our team's insight in Eastern and Western cultures enables us to create a brand new IP that is compatable with your target market's culture. 

Story / Narrative

We partners with award-winning narrative designers and writers to provide a creative and intriguing script to your game.


User Acquisition

We work with the strongest and most reputable ad networks and publishers to target and acquire the highest quality users at the best price.


We partner with strong intellectual properties that integrate well with your game to create a unique and positive experience for the players.

Branding / Marketing

Our comprehesive approach to marketing in China and the West includes TV spots, advertising, and promotions at gaming events like E3.


Spellgun can deliver your game to millions of users with the largest network of premium distribution partners in both China and the West.