The Chinese Association for Games has run a study regarding the Chinese gaming industry, discovering important industry trends and benchmarks. For a decade, this association has released an annual industry report of general market trends, collecting data from businesses and consumers nationwide.

Chinese Game Industry Player Base

In 2014, total Chinese gamers reached 517 million people, increasing 4.6% since 2013.

Chinese Game Market Revenue by Category 

The industry's total games revenue is broken down into client categories, earning ¥60.89b for PC, ¥20.27b for web, ¥27.49b for mobile, ¥5.78b for social, and ¥50m for single-player.

Chinese Game Industry Market Share by Revenue 

The graph below shows the Chinese market share of different types of games.

Chinese Mobile Game Player Base

In 2014, Chinese mobile games' player base has increased to 358 million people, a 15.1% increase when compared to 2013.

Chinese Mobile Market Total Revenue

Total revenue of the Chinese mobile game sector in 2014 is ¥27.9b, growing 144.6% since last year.

China Mobile Game Category and Market Share by Revenue 

Mobile games have been categorized as Online games or Single-Player games, depending on whether or not a network connection is needed to play. Based on total revenue market share, mobile online games represents 78.3% of total revenue, and mobile single-player game represents 21.7%.