GamesBeat is an event hosted by VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi. The event concentrates on letting the biggest industry leaders and veterans weigh in on the challenges of the current market and provide solutions to overcome those roadblocks. Spellgun CEO James Zhang sat on a panel titled “Partnering with Asian giants: how to ride on their shoulders without getting trampled” and discussed measures mobile game companies should take to get big in Asia, especially China.

VentureBeat main stage before the Partnering with Asian Giants panel.

The panel also consisted of serial entrepreneurs in the Asian market:  Jay Eum (Managing Director of TransLink Capital), Aditya Rathnam (Co-founder of Kamcord), and Taehoon Kim (CEO of nWay). Together, the panel explored the pros and cons of establishing a strategic partnership with an Asian conglomerate. Regardless of the difficulties, the panel concluded that it is worth the risk to find a partner because foreign companies simply lack the experience and understanding of the complex publishing process. The panel brainstormed some dos and don’t to finding the right publishing partner, with James contributing his own experience with Spellgun and Talkweb.

‍James Zhang - second from the left - on the panel.