TalkingData recently released their August benchmark metrics for mobile games in China. The results turned out to be surprising and promising for developers and publishers alike.


1.      RPG and card games still attract higher paying players, 14 RMB (2.29 USD) on Android, 16 RMB (2.61 USD) on iOS

2.      Casual games performed better on Android than iOS, 7 RMB (1.14 USD)  vs. 4RMB (0.65 USD)

3.      Puzzle games are still the least played, lower than 1 RMB (0.16 USD) on both iOS and Android

Pay Rate

1.      Almost all games have a higher pay rate on Android than iOS, up to 25x pay rate

2.      Action games have the second highest pay rate on Android, reaching 4%

3.      Casual games still have the highest pay rate at 5%


1.      Mainstream games (accepted by the market) have 2x higher DAU/MAU than average games

2.      Strategy games on iOS has the highest DAU/MAU of 0.4

Login Times Per User Per Day

1.      Login times for mainstream games are about 2-3x times higher than average

2.     Casual game players on Android are more active than iOS players, playing mainstream games up to 11 times a day

3.      Chess and table card game players on Android are about twice the size of players on iOS, mainstream games is about 10 times a day

4.      Strategy and card games on iOS have the highest login times per user per day, the average being 15-16 times a day

Day 1 Retention

1.      Strategy games on Android are performing much better than on iOS, 43.80% vs. 26.30%

2.      RPG game has the highest day 1 retention on iOS, the mainstream games reaching 51%

Use Time Per Login

1.      Puzzle games performed the lowest on Android at 703 seconds

2.      Chess and table card games over take RPG games and have the highest 1,744 seconds