Baidu Mobile Game Platform's (BMGP) latest Q3 report has released China mobile game market analysis. Here are the highlights and takeaways:

  • The number of new games released on BMGP’s platform has grown steadily, with over a 30% increase compared to Q2. 
  • Online RPG games are leading the BMGP charts in terms of number of new game, number of downloads, and gross.
  • The top grossing single-player game is developer OurPalm's “3D Ultimate Racer” (3D Zhong Ji Kuang Biao). The game has grossed over 10m RMB on Android platforms for two consecutive months. An important factor of the game’s success is its mini client of only 7.9MB, a perfect download size for players without Wifi access. The game can be downloaded here: APK.
  • Close to 80% of BMGP's players use phones with mid to large screens. As players upgrade their devices, expectations for game quality also grows.

Here's the report: