There's nothing revolutionary in saying that GDC is a whirlwind. It does, however, happen to be a true statement. Last week, the Concept Art House/Spellgun team hosted over 90 meetings, explored the expo floor, sat in on numerous talks, and attended dozens of networking lunches, dinners and parties, all in the pursuit to connect more deeply with you, our clients and partners. 

Virtual Reality continued to have a strong presence at this year's GDC. Passes to VRDC sold out long before conference doors opened. VR show floor exhibits traded in the startup vibe of two years ago for a level of slickness that rivaled the console and game engine booths. With Sony announcing better than expected sales of PSVR units, an Oculus price drop, and Khronos Group's open standard VR API stack, VR seems poised to have another exciting year

Between the exorbitant cost of user acquisition and an increasingly crowded marketplace, mobile games prove difficult to excel in. Even given the challenges, exceptional developers continue to find success, and savvy funding arms are still hedging their bets on mobile gamers staying engaged. Futureplay and Gunslinger are two mobile games studios excelling during highly competitive times. Gunslinger's intricate mobile RPG and Futureplay's simply structured idle games are vastly different, but by looking to their success, we see that mobile markets are thriving and that mobile gamers continue to be hungry for new experiences. 

The use of well-known IP is a trend that remains hot in the era of costly user acquisition. NetherRealm's Injustice 2 is riding high with D.C. Comics and Jam City is standing out with Family Guy The Quest for Stuff. Glu and Scopely are also doubling down on IP. (Dice with Ellen has been topping the charts for weeks.)

Every year GDC gives us a look at what's ahead, and with GDC 2017 behind us, we're excited to apply what we've learned to our own business and to help you excel with yours.