China's mobile game market continues to be the fastest growing market in the world, and the one of the largest mobile gaming industry at $2.9B worth, second only to the USA, which is at $3.2B. Now is the perfect time for publisher to release mobile games in China, regardless of the challenges in entering the market.

Regardless of how ripe the market looks, many game studios may struggle to cater to Chinese gamers, since the consumer base has a different preference in what kind of games they play. Additionally, there is an extra hurdle for Android games, as the app market for Android devices is fragmented enough to make full market penetration difficult.

To illustrate the chaos of competing third-party Android app stores, here is the mobile game output for July 2014:

Several app stores combined their data over the summer to compare notes on the most popular game genres. What they found was that China leaned most toward the following categories: card games, role-playing games (RPGs), action RPGs (ARPGs) and strategy games.

Referring back to the first graph, third-party app stores remain highly competitive by maintaining a steady high-volume release schedule. While some game publishes aspire for mass availability, others release their games exclusively as part of a co-promotional deal. Maneuvering China's complex gaming market is taxing and intimidating, but with the right counsel and a well-thought out business strategy, publishers can ensure the success of their games.