Spellgun, a mobile-game publisher that takes Western games to Asia, is announcing a deal today with Get Set Games to publish its Storm Casters dungeon-crawler game in China.

“Since its launch, Storm Casters has received rave reviews from critics and players alike. We designed Storm Casters’ style and gameplay around the core of a traditional dungeon crawler, but it is the visually rich world of Storm Casters and the compelling card-collection mechanic that pulls people in,” said Get Set Games co-founder Robert Segal. “Our goal is to ensure that players across the globe can have the opportunity to enjoy our games, and we’re confident in Spellgun’s expertise and ability to help us bring our games to new players and fans in China.”

Under the arrangement, Talkweb is investing money in San Francisco and Shanghai-based Concept Art House. Spellgun will be a sister company, which will be headed by Concept Art House chief executive James Zhang. The new startup’s design is supposed to make Western game makers put trust in the company. In the past, that trust was hard to come by because so many Western games have been illegally cloned in the Chinese market.

“We’re very proud to partner with Get Set Games to continue to bring new and exciting Western games to the Chinese market. With Storm Casters’ clean user interface and unique gameplay, we believe it stands a very good chance of gaining both mid-core and casual players in China,” said Zhang. “With our team of expert artists, designers, and engineers in Shanghai, we will apply our culturalization strategy to enhance Storm Casters’ reach into China’s ever growing and evolving mobile market.”

Source: http://venturebeat.com/2014/07/21/spellgun-to-launch-western-made-storm-casters-mobile-game-in-china/