Spellgun is making its debut today as a startup that will take games made in the West and launch them in the Chinese mobile market.

Under the arrangement, Talkweb is investing money in San Francisco and Shanghai-based Concept Art House. Spellgun will be a sister company, which will be headed by Concept Art House chief executive James Zhang. The new startup is designed to make it easy for Western game makers to trust it. In the past, that trust was hard to come by because so many Western games have been illegally cloned in the Chinese market.

Zhang said in an interview with GamesBeat that the Spellgun will be housed in Concept Art House’s offices in San Francisco, and Spellgun will be a U.S. company. Developers will be able to strike deals with the U.S.-based Spellgun, which will offer legal protections for the developers. Then Spellgun will partner with Talkweb, which published games such as Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies 2 in the Chinese market.

“This is perfect timing for us,” Zhang said. “So many games are going to be cross cultural and global.” 

The Chinese mobile games market grew over 100 percent in 2013 and is likely to almost double again in 2014.

And it's this level of opportunity that's attracting more and more western game developers to consider releasing game in the country.

But while the market is becoming more open, there are still plenty of local challenges, which is why working with an experienced partner remains the most sensible approach. One such company is US-Chinese concern Spellgun.

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